Dear Diary

I found something
That will change my life


I shouldn’t have but
I read my mom’s emails
I don’t know why
I couldn’t stop

These emails used
Words that scared me

Moving out

What was I supposed to do?
This information was too much

I guess I’ll just have to wait
And see

Letter to the Reader
Dear Reader,
This is a story that is hard for me to tell. I remember every moment as if I was there today. Many kids have the same story, but each have different details. These stories shape each individual into who they are today. Without my story and all of the events that occur in it I would not be writing this paper today. I am here to share each moment that forever changed my life with you. It will not be easy, but I am willing to try. Each moment I share is vividly engrained into my mind. It is hard to say how this story will affect your life, but I hope it impacts you in some way. This is the account of one child, but the story of many children.

List of Differences
Mom always listens
Doesn’t yell, that often
Mom is carefree
She worries where you are
Calls to check in
Buys me whatever I need
Buys me whatever I want
Loves me and shows me

Never listens
Always yells
Not carefree
Doesn’t worry where we are
Says we should call to check in, if we don’t we will hear about it in a week
Buys me nothing
Even if I need it
Loves me, because he has to

Biography of Each Family Member
Gaynelle (Mom): Gaynelle grew up as an only child and was very privileged. Thanks to her childhood she wants the exact same for her children. Gaynelle works up to 70 hour weeks in order to provide the best life she can. Throughout the divorce, seemingly nothing changed economically because of her hard work. She has 4 children.

Brian (Dad): Brian is the oldest of 5 children. He grew up working for what he wanted out of life. He paid his way through college, worked at a factory, got married, and then his wife paid his way through law school. Now as a successful attorney, he has a great personality; unless you know him well.

Alex(Me): Alex is the oldest of 4 children. She is extremely bossy and always gets her way. Although she seems to get everything she is a very responsible child. She serves as a second parent when it comes to grocery shopping, cleaning, and errands involving the younger three siblings. She is very mature for her age, which is both good and bad.

Nick(Second oldest): As the first boy he is very independent. He may act like he knows everything, and at times he does. He takes after his father because of his natural ability to learn. At times Nick is known to be a bit arrogant, and also ignorant, but hopefully that will fade in time.

Will(Third youngest): Will is known for his temper. Do not make him mad or a fist will go through the wall. This temper comes and goes and when it is not present he is the one that will stand up for what is right. Around our community he is known for being the boy who never does something wrong and always surrounds himself with the best group of boys.

Rachael (The youngest): Rachael is known for her social skills. Growing up she took the brunt of everything imaginable. She was always blamed for any spill or fight and always got the last of everything. She would wrestle with her brothers who are twice her size and was always around older people. Now she is known for her immense amount of friends and for her loud personality.

The Zaiger Family: As a whole the Zaiger family is known for going out of their way for others. They are polite and never want to cause anyone else trouble (except each other). They may be loud in public, sometimes cause a scene, and be late a lot, but they are good people.

Dad: “Hey guys come downstairs I have something to tell you.”
(all four kids file downstairs)
Dad: “I’m getting married”
(shocked faces come across the kids faces
Alex: “When?”
Dad: “Next week.”
(all four kids run in separate directions)
(Alex walks back upstairs calmly.)
(Nick runs outside.)
(Will locks himself in his room.)
(Rachael runs out back.)