Online Reflective Portfolio

Your final assignment for this course is to compose a writing portfolio that presents a view of your progress in the writing you have done in this course. The purpose of the assignment is to reflect on your writing and learning, as well as to present a profile of yourself as a writer.

Guidelines for the Portfolio

The portfolio will include:
  1. selected and varied pieces of writing carefully arranged in a thought-out order; these texts should give the reader some sense of the variety of writing you have done and the writing you are now capable of; although the portfolio should not include everything you have written for this course, it could include anything (final papers, response papers, blog entries, reflective writing, even writing you have done outside this course);
  2. brief annotations for each text; these annotations briefly tell what the text is and why it is important as evidence of your writing development;
  3. an introductory cover letter (two pages minimum; see below) that analyzes your writing development by citing the texts included.

Minimum Guidelines for the Cover Letter

Your cover letter must include at least the following. You may want to do more; this is just a foundation for you to check your draft against.
  1. Examination of your writing both before taking this course and during this course. That is, the cover letter should function somewhat as a way of talking about how this course affected or did not affect how you write. Keep in mind though that your purpose is not to evaluate the course or my teaching (we have course evaluations for that), but to reflect on your own learning. Also, don't neglect negative experiences. We often learn the most by reflecting on experiences that don't turn out well.
  2. Examination of one piece or episode of writing in some detail. You could center the whole letter around your examination of one piece of writing, bringing the other parts of your letter in relation to this piece.
  3. Examination of comments or feedback by others. Comments can be from teachers, friends, or classmates from this course or other courses.
  4. A bit of advice for yourself. On the basis of all this exploration, what suggestions can you give yourself to make your writing go better in the future? Give your letter a practical dimension. Make it something that you will find useful to read over in the future when you are engaged in writing.

Format for the Portfolio

The portfolio will be created on the wiki. You should use your wiki page (or a new wiki page) as your table of contents, with links to your documents.


The following portfolios are all examples of substantial reflection, both in the letter and in the annotations. Notice the different types of writing that people include; while everyone includes major assignments from the course, some include informal writing and early drafts or papers written for other classes.
  1. Anna
  2. Carlye
  3. Amanda
  4. Paul
  5. Nick