How To Write a Persuasive Letter

According to Ed Madden

  1. Use facts (statistics) to back up your reasons
  2. Show that you are a credible source (with a personal story)
  3. Be definite in choosing a side
  4. Be true and honest; don't BS, don't reach for something (evidence) that's not there
  5. Show authority by backing up what you say
  6. Relate to your reader--with examples and stories they can identify with
  7. Relate to your reader--know who your readers are and how to reach them
  8. Connect your story with other people's stories
  9. Have a thesis and back it up
  10. Show you understand the other side of the argument so you don't seem one-sided; don't alienate or put down the reader
  11. Write a memorable ending
  12. Use style to make the writing memorable