Writing Project 4: Multigenre Essay

DUE: 12/5/11

Write a multi-genre essay on a topic of your choice. We will work in class to discuss appropriate topics. Whatever topic you choose, your essay must in some way aim to convince or persuade. In other words, it must have a point.

You have a lot of flexibility with this essay, but there are some restrictions: your final piece must include at least eight written entries and at least five genres. You must also include at least one image (a photo or other picture or graphic). The essay must be the equivalent of at least five pages long.

You do not need transitions between the entries, but the essay must be unified in some way. We will explore various strategies for unifying and connecting your entries, such as a repeated motif, a metaphor, or structural devices.

Multigenre: The assignment combines pieces of writing in more than one genre (at least five). Genres are forms of writing, such as personal letter, lyrical poem, rhetorical analysis essay, etc.

Multimode: The assignment combines modes of communication, such as words and images. At the very least, you must include one image in your project, though you may include more. You may go further in combining modes if you decide to present your project online (e.g., by creating a website). This would allow you to also include sound and video, if you wanted.

Choosing a topic: Write about something that is important to you. Look over the writing you have done this semester for topics you could continue to explore, or branch out to something completely new. A good topic for this project is one that you would like to explore from different angles, different points of view, or that would allow you to combine personal writing with informational or expository writing.

Nuts and bolts

  • Minimum length: Equivalent of 5 typewritten pages
  • Other minimums: At least 8 entries, 5 genres, 1 image. It may be longer and may include more genres and more images.
  • Media: You have the option of submitting the final version on paper or online. If you choose to publish your project online, by creating a website, you may then incorporate other media (images, sound, video) if you wish. You can also create a website without using these additional media.
  • Design: The design of your project may vary as appropriate to subject, genres, and media. You should consider how design can help readers understand and follow your text and how it can add to your message.
  • Any references and citations should be in MLA or APA style.
  • First complete, typed draft due Wednesday, Nov. 30
  • Final copy due in class Monday, Dec. 5.