Alexandra does most of her writing on social networkings sites. She does a lot of writing on facebook and twitter to stay in touch with her friends. On facebook she will write on her friends walls and also message them. On twitter she writes as much as she can about how her day is going and what she is doing. Alexandra also texts and emails her friends and family. She also does free writing in class to get all her thoughts down as a pre-writing activity.She then takes the free writing and turns it into her final paper.
Another form of her writing in every day life is the lists that she makes. Shopping lists, homework, passwords, and to do lists are just a few of the things she makes lists for. It helps her to write down lists of things because her memory is bad so when she writes it down she can always go back to it and remember. She also was assigned poetry to write in the past and enjoyed writing poetry. A form of writing in the work place was that she has wrote some resumes that she was assigned to write as a practice for when getting a job.

By: Paul Sommers