Arrianna Sawyer
Professor Hartman
September 17th, 2010
I remember this past summer I was at work and these two ladies thought they could steal icees. I could tell that they were up to something but I wasn’t sure. By the way I work at target and at the time I was working at the food café part. Everything was going good that day and night. The customers were pretty good considering it was a Saturday night. I was cleaning out the popcorn machine when I heard one girl said “I am going to get a small icee.” to the big girl. And the girl left and went to the restroom, I thought she looked pregnant because her stomach was round or she had something balled up in her shirt. So I assumed that she was going to come back and pay for it or either the girl she was with was going to buy it for her, but little did I know that was not how it was going to go down. So I kept cleaning the popcorn machine and the big girl who did not go to the restroom said “Excuse me?” and I stopped cleaning out the popcorn machine. I told her “Hello, what would like?” and she asked “Can I have a large pop.” and I was about to tell her what her total was and she asked “Can I have an extra larger cup for my drink because the drinks sweat a lot.” and I told her “We do not give out extra-large cups because they cost more, so I will have to give you a water cup.” the girl said “okay” and she did not complain when I gave her the water cup either. So she paid for her large pop and I went back to cleaning the popcorn machine out.

Customers started to come up and it started to get busy, so I had to stop cleaning the machine out. I started ringing this lady order up and the girl who went to the restroom finally came back and interrupted me as I was ringing the lady up. This was very rude to the customer and me. I was very shocked that she would do that. And I am pretty sure the customer was feeling the same way too! She asks me “Can I have a cup” and I give her the cup. Then I continue ring the lady and I am almost done with her order until the girl goes to the icee machine and pushes the handle down on the red one icee and lets the icee stuff run out from the machine and I am clearly looking at her like what in the world is going on and what in the world is she doing!!! Then she pushes down on the blue icee and lets all the blue icee run out. So I am finally out of shock and I tell her “Mam you have to pay for that.” and as I said that she acted like I did not say anything at all. She filled her up water cup that I gave her. So I started to get mad and I know the customers started to watch everything unfold. So I left my register and came to her and said “Mam you have to pay for that!” and she finally acknowledge that I said something to her and she says “The girl already paid for my drink.” and I tell her “No she did not pay for your drink she only paid for one large pop.” and then she finally says “I will pay for it. It is not that big of deal. And It was not like I was going to run out the store with it.” And as she was saying that to me, for some reason I looked over at the girl who she was with, and the girl was sitting down at the table. I noticed that the small cup she had was filled with icee. Now I am beyond mad, actually I was pissed off to the fullest!

But I had to think about my job first. She tried to play me like she was going to use the extra cup for putting her pop cup inside. When the first girl got that icee I did not see her because the way popcorn machine is facing, I cannot see the icee machine, so basically she got away scott free. The girl asked me “how much is it?” and I told her “It is $1.35” I was thinking who wants to steal a drink that is only $1.35, very sad. I walked back to the cash register and finished ringing the lady up the lady and gave her order to her. There were still people who were in line and the girl just leaves the money on the counter and still does not wait her turn at all. I was thinking how disrespectful can someone be. And clearly the two girls were very disrespectful. I had rung up the rest of the people. And then there was a guy who came into the store and they gave him the icee. So I started thinking in all actuality they were going to only pay for one drink and get two free drinks, Which they did get one free icee because somehow I forgot to say something about the other icee. So they leave and I told my supervisor what happen. And he was like I should have called him over there to take care of it. Also I would have not got into trouble if anything would have happened. So I finally I clean up Target Café and closed it. I leave to clock out and my ride was not there yet so I decided to sit at the guest service area and here comes the same people who were causing trouble at the Target Café except they did not have the girl who bought the pop.

It was the girl who I thought looked pregnant and the guy. The guy got the machine cart seat thing. And the girl who didn’t look pregnant anymore went to the women’s department and she had a plastic bag with her and nothing was in it. So I knew she was going to steal from the store. I couldn’t say anything because the man was getting the machine cart seat thing. So my ride had come and I couldn’t have said anything to stop it. Hopefully those people will be caught and justice will be served